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As a homeowner, there are times when you will need professional Atlanta plumbing services. Water can cause a lot of damage in a home from flooding to damaged walls and ceilings. Also, if water can find a way to escape your pipes like a small crack or tiny fissure, it will. Here are two times you should call an Altanta plumber instead of trying to handle the problem yourself.


You might have noticed an increase in your water bill or maybe your water pressure is lower than what it normally is. This might be a symptom that you have a small leak somewhere in your pipes. You should call professional plumbing services in Atlanta immediately. The leak will only get worse and attempting to locate this leak yourself can be time consuming without the right tools and knowledge. It is possible that in an effort to find a leak you could make it worse. A professional plumber knows where to look and equipment to test your water pressure.

Burst Pipe

If you have a burst pipe, it is time to call the best Atlanta plumber. You will want to turn off the main source of water into your home and wait for professional help. A burst pipe can be caused by below freezing weather and corrosion in the pipes. This is a plumbing problem that needs professional help. A professional plumbing company will determine if the area where the burst occurred can be repaired or if the entire pipe needs to be replaced. If the pipes in your home are older, you might consider replacing the pipe to lower the risk of future problems.

Sewer Lines

If your bathrooms have an unpleasant smell or you are experience backups or clogs, you will need a trained and knowledgeable professional to tackle the problem. There are many reasons behind these kinds of smells and issues, and a professional will be able to diagnose and correct the problem quickly and efficiently. They might need to drain your sewer lines in order to make needed repairs. Problems with sewer lines can lead to a dangerous build up of methane gas in your home, having this problem addressed immediately is very important.