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Keep Your Sewer Lines in Atlanta Clean With Professional Services

You may use liquid drain openers or even a mechanical snake on your plumbing, but those pipes are much more intricate than just a few feet. All of your plumbing culminates into a large sewer main line. Extending from your home to the street, this underground main line transports all your waste water to the local municipality. If the sewer is clogged, however, waste water quickly backs up into sinks, showers and toilets. Allow our Atlanta sewer experts evaluate your home with a sewer cleaning service call.

Camera Power

Before any cleaning processes begin, plumbers need to pinpoint the blockage’s location and type. Grease, food particles, hair and other foreign objects often find their way down the drain, creating a substantial blockage in the main line. We use small cameras that wind their way down the piping to find the blockage. Once we understand the blockage, we can devise a removal strategy. You’ll typically receive a quote at this point, giving you an idea of the cost to get the plumbing back into shape.


One of the most thorough ways to clean your main line is through hydrojetting. We place a high-powered water wand into your piping and slowly increase the pressure. As the water stream strikes the blockage, it slowly breaks away. It’s critical to avoid blasting the blockage initially. You don’t want waste water to backwash into the home. As the blockage breaks down, it finds its way down the main line, creating an open pathway for future waste water.

Final Evaluation

With the blockage eliminated, we pull out the tiny cameras again to evaluate the pipe as a whole. Because its been blasted clean, the pipe is perfect for a final evaluation, discovering any damage at and around the previous blockage point. Any hairline fractures are quickly located and estimated to keep your main line in proper shape. Small cracks slowly turn into huge breaks, making a more expensive repair in the future.

If you have any concerns or questions about sewer cleaning in Atlanta, contact us today for a thorough inspection. Our Atlanta experts are happy to go over any issues to find an inexpensive solution.

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