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Duluth Septic Tank Pump & Repair – Are you looking for an affordable septic tank cleaning? If so, we can help. Our company has the knowledge and experience to guarantee an excellent cleaning, and if problems occur, we can solve them before they snowball into expensive issues. We recommend inspecting your system every once in a while because if you do discover a problem, you can repair it before it leads to higher costs. Call us today and experience the Akins’ Difference! Looking for a Duluth Plumber instead?

Duluth, Georgia Septic Tank Pumping and Repair

Did you know about the strange theories surrounding a septic tank cleaning? The advice ranges from flushing a pound of yeast into the system to placing a dead cat in your septic tank. Another myth includes seeding the tank with manure. Nevertheless, the Health Department does not recommend any of these treatment plans. There is nothing to replace a good Duluth septic tank cleaning.

How Often Should You Have Your Septic Tank Cleaned?

If you have a 4-person household with a 500-gallon tank, you will need to have it pumped once a year. When you have a household with over four, each person cuts the time down by three months. While septic system additives can help to control how often it is needed, this does not replace pumping out your system.

What Happens without a Septic Cleaning

Without a septic pumping, expensive issues can occur. Dealing with a foul odor is just one of the many problems that you may have to deal with. To the majority of homeowners, their septic tank system remains an ominous mystery. However, we are here to demystify this vital household equipment and teach you how to maintain the health of your system. With regular maintenance, you raise the potential for a longer lifespan of your system, and replacing a septic tank can cost thousands of dollars.

Experts on Septic Tanks

You want to hire someone with experience and credibility. We have unparalleled experience and an unrivaled, competitive price. When the job is finished, some people go right to the next. However, we give you advice on how to keep your septic tank in working condition. For example, we advise you to avoid flushing chemicals and other hazardous wastes down the drain. Remember: Whatever goes into your drains will come out of your septic tank and placing the wrong thing into it will damage it and decrease its lifespan.

Why Cleaning a Septic Tank is Important

The average lifespan of your septic tank system will be between 20 to 30 years. Nevertheless, some have lasted 50 years while others have lasted a single year before there was a need for replacement. Without proper care and treatment, your septic tank will have a reduced lifespan. This is why cleaning them is essential. Our Duluth septic tank cleaning company can assist you with your needs. We offer a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team of staff members that understand the intricacies of your septic tank.

We provide our services to Duluth residents who desire the premier standard in plumbing. When we do a job, we believe in doing it right the first time. Our technicians arrive on time and ready to complete the task at hand. We use the latest and most advanced plumbing technology to guarantee the job gets accomplished with efficiency intended for the future.

Duluth Sewage Septic Tank Repair

If you’ve noticed something’s off with your plumbing, such as: Water levels in your toilets, sewage coming inside your house, the water pressure is off, a strong odor, puddles in your yard that smell of sewage, then contact our professional technicians. They are fully trained and know what to look for when it comes to septic tank repair. Sometimes the issue is as simple as a broken pipe that needs repairing or replacing. Other times there may be an issue such as a clogged screen or broken pump. Or, you may need a part replaced.

Our technician will inspect your system, determine the problem, and offer you the best, most affordable solution.

Duluth Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

If a sewer line from your house to the main public utility connection is damaged or not functioning properly, as a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to repair or replace it. Sewer line replacement costs vary, and can run anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands, depending on the problem.

Our technicians have years of experience helping customers to identify sewer line problems, assess the situation, replace or repair the issue at an affordable price, and offer you guidance and tips to keep the problem from happening again.

One option is trenchless sewer line replacement, which can be used to replace old or damaged sewer lines with minimal digging. A CIPP (cured in place piping) resin is inserted into an old or damaged pipe and left to harden. Following this procedure, our technicians will use a special camera to ensure the repair is complete. This can be done in a short amount of time and once repaired, the sewer line can be used immediately.

Our Septic Services for Duluth, GA

Duluth Septic Tank Pumping

Our technicians will pump your septic tank and inspect for any other damage or necessary work to your system. Each septic tank system that we pump we also use chemicals to ensure your system is healthy.

Duluth Septic Tank Repair

A septic tank problem can be a real hassle. Akins Septic will inspect your septic system and provide all necessary repairs to bring your system back up and operational.

Duluth Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic Tanks need to be cleaned every 2-3 years. Our technicians will utilize the latest technology to clean your septic system.

Duluth Septic Tank Clogs

With or without proper use of septic certified materials a septic tank clog can occur. When this happens Akins Plumbing & Septic has the right equipment to unstop your septic tank quick and easily.

Duluth Septic Tank Inspections

Looking for a letter for a home closing or just want to make sure your septic system is healthy? Give us a call and we can inspect your system and get you any necessary documents you may need.

Duluth Septic Tank Installations

We make our new septic tank installs as affordable and painless as possible. Call us today for our competitive pricing and excellent customer care. We will walk you through your septic tank installation project from start to finish.

Duluth Hydro-Jetting Cleaning Service

Have trees in your yard? Or a clogged pipes problem? Hydro-Jetting not only cleans your pipes to like new condition, it also gets rid of all obstructions in your pipes – such as roots from a tree or old pesky clogs.

Duluth Chemicals Added to Extend Life of your Septic Tank

We use the best chemicals available to ensure your septic tank system is as healthy as possible. Each time we pump a septic tank we add chemicals to extend the life of your septic system.

About Akins Plumbing & Septic

Septic Tank Pump & Repair - Duluth GA
Akins Plumbing & Septic was founded in 1986 as a small plumbing & septic service company. Today, we have grown and expanded but still offer the same great personalized service as we did over 30 years ago!

Akins has grown and expanded because of our simple philosophies: Hire the best technicians and take care of your customers. This idea is lost on many companies that have grown and stood the test of time.

We keep our customers happy by providing excellent service each and every time. Our customers know they are getting a fair price, timely service, and expert installation or repair. We are a no-nonsense service company – we are dependable, honest and upfront. All of our technicians are state certified and licensed. No excuses, just results!

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Does a septic tank need to be pumped?

Yes, septic tanks usually need to be pumped every three to five years. We recommend you have one of our septic service professionals inspect and pump your septic tank.

What happens to a septic tank when it gets pumped?

When a septic tank is pumped, sludge is removed carefully before the tank is completely emptied. Our septic service professionals can assure the wastewater is flowing properly in the pipe and drain field.

How do I know when the septic tank is full?

A few ways to know that your septic tank is full is if your water begins to drain slower than usual,  you smell bad odors coming from your drains and your sewage is backing up. We can take care of that problem quickly. 

How long does it take to pump out a septic tank?

Septic pumping should typically take no more than 30 minutes to do. However, since most septic tanks probably have a capacity of 1000 to 1250 gallons, it should be emptied regularly. If there are bigger issues, it may take longer.

How do you maintain a septic tank?

Aside from having your septic tank inspected and pumped regularly, ways you can maintain a septic tank is by directing water from land and roof drains away from the drain field and keeping septic tank lids easily accessible.

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