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What Our Customers are Saying…

“In October of this year we had a $559 water bill and after talking to the water company we came to the relization that we had a water leak on our side of the water in line. After talking to 2 plumbers, one was very honest and said he couldn’t help us in pinpointing our leak. He informed us about plumbers with leak detection equipment but didn’t know anyone who had that equipment. We called our water company and they gave us the name of a plumber who did not have the equipment but wanted to charge us $2,700.00 to replace the line from the water meter into the house and if there was a problem elsewhere it would cost us additional to repair a problem under the slab.
Akins had the equipment and James Brooks who came to our house was able to figure out using the listening equipment to pinpoint where our leak was (which was not under the slab) and repair our leak (a faulty valve). James & Akins were able to save us a minimum of $1,600.
 We appreciate the promptness and responsiveness of Akins Plumbing as well as the quality of the work performed.”
– Randy Weldon


“James and Allen did a wonderful job and I was impressed with their great customer service skills, they way they answered all of my questions and the professionalism that they showed. I will use your company in the future for all of my plumbing problems.
Thanks so much.”
– Mary Amber Charles


“I called Akins Plumbing to fix a slow toilet. Immediately I was impressed that they weren’t going to charge me a “service call” fee to simply come out and tell me what was wrong. I set up my appointment for the next day. I have been completely impressed with all of my interactions with all of the employees in this company, and have James in my cell phone for any future emergencies. Thanks so much for all of your help!”
– Shelley Woodward


“Called at 9am and they were at my house within the hour. Gave me an estimate, but since they were they first, I wanted two other quotes. They blew the other guys out of the water. Called them up at 2 in the afternoon letting them know they got the job and they were back at my house again within a hour to fix the water line. Work was done very well and LOVE the warranty. No one else even came close. Special thanks to Derek! Wonderful job! GREAT customer service.”
– Cona Durham


“I called Akins this morning – after calling 3 other plumbers. Not only did they answer my call immediately, Steve got out here quickly. He was pleasant, professional and fixed my problem easily without pushing for another bigger sale. Will call them always in the future!”
– Tam Heath


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