How Septic Tanks Work


Akins Plumbing & Septic has been the North Metro Atlanta solution for all septic tank issues since 1986. With this much experience, we have seen it all. Whether you need an easy and pain-free pump or need a complete new septic tank, we can do it all. Call us today at 770-339-8359 and find out how easy and affordable it can be for your septic tank service!

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Septic tanks are extremely sensitive and need care every so often. That’s why Akins Plumbing & Septic uses state-of-the-art septic tank equipment to care for your tank. We use the highest quality additives and chemicals to ensure your tank is functioning properly and will have a much longer life.

A new septic tank can be a very expensive investment; however at Akins Plumbing & Septic we find every way possible to extend the life of your septic tank. We won’t simply tell you that you need a new tank, we will inspect your system completely an offer various solutions to save you the most amount of money.

All of our equipment is the latest technology and we use state-of-the-art chemicals to ensure your septic tank performs at its best.  We quote all pricing up front and we will explain what you need done so that you understand.  Call us today and talk to us about how we can get your septic system performing at its very best and save money!  Check out our Specials & Discounts page for valuable coupons and great deals!

Our Septic Tank Services

  • Septic Tank Pumping
    All septic tanks need regular cleaning and pumping to obtain maximum safety and life of your septic tank. We will pump and dispose of the contents of your septic tank safely and completely. We then add necessary chemicals to your tank to preserve the health of your tank and also to ensure maximum safety. Without proper maintenance of your tank you could run into a major drainage problem including sewage backing up into your home. If this occurs Akins Plumbing & Septic can clean up your house and repair the stoppage, however we recommend regular inspections and service. Call us today and experience the Akins difference!
  • Septic Tank Cleaning
    Every septic tank should be thoroughly inspected and cleaned every 2-3 years. Akins Plumbing & Septic uses exclusive technology called Hydro-jetting to clean your tank. Without a proper maintenance plan for your septic tank you could run into unnecessary issues later in life. Let Akins Plumbing & Septic be your septic tank specialist. We will ensure your tank is in proper working order, pump your tank, clean your tank and, if necessary, repair your tank. We will let you know of any issues that arise and will never stick you with surprise charges. Call us today!
  • Septic Tank Clogs
    Often times a septic tank clog can wreck havoc on your plumbing system. It’s always best to avoid these problems by having a scheduled maintenance plan in place, however in the event your system does get clogged Akins Plumbing & Septic can take care of it. We will come out, inspect and identify your problem. We will then correct the problems with your system and get it running like new again. Using the proper chemicals and state-of-the-art equipment, we will ensure your problem is gone for good.
  • Septic Tank inspections
    Need a letter for a home closing or just want to get your septic tank inspected? Give us a call today and we will take care of you! It’s always a good idea to get your septic tank inspected every few years to make sure there are no major issues. Like anything, issues with your septic tank are much easier (and cheaper!) to fix than if you wait too long. Don’t delay, call us today!
  • Septic Tank Installation and Repair
    No one wants to have to deal with septic tank issues. Akins Plumbing & Septic will make the process as affordable and pain-less as possible. We will inspect your septic tank system completely, identify problems and be up-front with you as to the best possible solutions. Often times a tank does not need to be completely replaced, but only minor repairs are needed. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you save money and a headache!
  • NEW Hydro-Jetting Cleaning Service
    Akins Plumbing & Septic cleans your pipes and septic tank with NEW hydro-jetting technology! Hydro-jetting is the process of spraying extremely high-pressure water streams into the area needing cleaning. This technology cuts completely through any clogs or debris in your sewer lines and tank. Often time’s tree roots will get in the way of your pipe – no more with hydro-jetting cleaning service! Our systems easily cut through roots and various other debris located in your system. Give us a call today and get your lines cleaned to like-new!
  • Chemicals Added to Extend Life of your Septic Tank
    Akins Plumbing & Septic uses the most effective chemicals to ensure your septic tank system has the highest possible lifespan possible. After any septic tank service that Akins Plumbing & Septic provides, we put chemicals into each tank. This helps save you money! Call us today and start saving today.
    Any other septic need!